The Begining…

They say the first words are the toughest so here goes nothing…….

For my first blog post I was pretty lost on where to start, so I’ll just start off with the topic I know best. Little ol’ ME!

I recently graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in print journalism……yeah, I’m currently not using my degree.
The sad thing is that I have yet to find my passion. You would think, OK I’m done with school, now the hard part is over. Just find a job and I’m set. WRONG! My life has just begun and I’m still on the road to finding what I truly want to do.After about five years of writing news articles, features, and profiles, I became really burnt out on journalism. I didn’t like the style of news writing; the “what, who, where, when, why, how ect.” And the professors saying you need a stronger lead, use a different word, this is missing from your nutgraph……I’ll give you a nutgraph…. I lost interest in writing for a newspaper which was my whole college career.

So, what did I want to write about?… No idea, but here I am. Trying out the care-free style of writing in blogging!

However, there is a positive side to my rant. Don’t get me wrong, my college education did not go to waste and is something I take great pride in (don’t freak out mom and dad). I did find that I love video journalism and video editing and maybe all I need to do is find the style of  writing that appeals to me. Something different from the standard news reporting.

This is me taking my first baby steps towards my future. The only downside is the equipment to jump-start any type of video journalism requires $$$ca-shesh$$. Yes the money. So I am trying so hard to restrain from all my impulsive online shopping and saving up! That way I can improve this blog one step at time.

Until then I’ll focus on the writing.
I plan to write about a whole array of things in this blog. Anything that intrigues me; from health, animals, humor, fashion, recipes, politics??, and  my every day life. Bare with me people.

I already greatly appreciate those who have continued to read this far and I hope you continue with me on this journey to finding my passion, and through it all I will be keeping my head held high.


  1. Leave it to your Nenee to be the first to reply!!LOL One of my bucket list is to write my memiors everyone always tells me to write my life story (I got victim of a violent crime, child with special needs, Miracle child covered and this is all before the age of 30) boy do I got stories! I’ve had at least 50 people tell me to start a food blog (just this week alone I was asked where to eat in Chicago and NY) Things that make you go HUM? I keep having the same dream of me owning my own restraunt serving all of my favorite things (chorizo pappas, swiss steak, steak picado, spaghetti and meatballs) but latley I love to go out to every restraunt on Food shows or Yelp I can try. I write horrible and my spelling is bad because i’m lazy so I would have to hire someone to write for me. (Hint Hint) Jenna you are on the right track in life, way ahead of the game. Stay Gold. Love your Tia Nenee

  2. Do It Nene! Thats such a great idea, you would be an awesome food critic and theres so many things you could talk about!!! I can help you out its super easy! Thanks for reading 🙂

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