Calling All Animal Lovers

Country music lovers and creepy cat ladies, this one’s for you!

The month of February is Cat Appreciation Month and Kellie Pickler has teamed up with Fresh Step cat littler to raise money for the The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) in honor of the feline critters.

Kellie joined fashion designer Geren Ford and together they created the Kitty Crooner Limited- Edition Sweater. For $35 show some cat- pride and rock the kitty jammin’ on a banjo and 100% of the proceeds will go to ASPCA.(Not a bad look if you ask me)
On a budget like myself??? Here’s another way to help:

Visit Fresh Step’s Facebook page and upload a photo of yourself wearing a digital cat sweater using Fresh Step’s Cat Pride Sweater App. For every photo uploaded, $1 will be donated to ASPCA. It may not be your type of fashion statement but it can help the foundation earn up to $100,000.

Have a little fun people.  Here’s my cat sweater photo:

Now a tribute to the fury feline in my life:

Cheers to Smokey “The Kitty” West,
He’s the most loving, cutest, best cuddler, jerk who will bite you any chance he gets kind of guy. In other words its a love-hate relationship. He’s the only cat I know who loves water and will try to attack a dog while it is being walked by its owner. Yep,  hes one of a kind.

Even if your not a cat person, the money will help fight animal cruelty and I’ll stop here so I don’t get all “Sarah Mclachlan” on you guys. Keep your heads held high.

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