Valentine’s Day in a Box

Tomorrow is the big day, the most commercialized day of the year; Valentine’s day!

It seems every year more and more people become members of what I like to call “Scrooges of V-Day Clan” because of the two negative messages this one day brings:

  • “Your love is measured by what you buy” and
  • “Congrats! Your lonely and single and we are going to make a day to remind you of this”

Let’s try to change this negativity this year!

No matter who your Valentine is this year, a significant other, a BFF, a pet, or even your mom, do something that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and that simply says I enjoy your company.

Here is what I am doing for my Valentine this year that is inexpensive and will help us avoid the insanity of fighting the swarm of love-birds at restaurants and movie theaters.

A movie night in a box:

  • Gather up your favorite feel-good romantic comedies
  • Pick up your favorite movie pig-out snacks
  • Maybe add a bottle of wine or alcohol to add a twist of fun to the night
  • A card is always nice, if you want to be more festive
  • And to wrap it all together add some chocolate covered strawberries for a romantic feel or your favorite nail polish or accessories for a girly-girls’ night. And there you have it! A simple movie night in a box. Bypass all the commotion that comes along with Valentine’s Day and just enjoy a day with the people who mean the most, good luck tomorrow. Keep your head held high.

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