7 Rules of Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t get caught in Cupid’s cross fire today!

I’ve come up with 7 rules to get you through the most over-rated day of the year even if you have a hot date or just hanging out with friends.

Read them. Follow them. Live them.

1. Dress accordingly

Of course this is rule number one. Whether you’re going on a date or staying with friends, always ask what the proper attire is for the night. You don’t want to be that person who shows up in flip-flops to a nice restaurant. Or even worse! Dressing to the nines as though you were going to a club and your end up somewhere like Red Robin. Communicate with your date.

2. Tip Your Waiter

If you’re going out to dinner please be courteous to the people waiting on you. You’re not the only one in the place and I’m sure he or she would rather be with their loved ones than waiting on a bunch of goo-goo eyed couples. Plus, you don’t want to embarrass your date, so mind your manners.

3. Don’t fall in love today. Its cliché.

Enough said.

4. No boasting!

Tomorrow your friends will want to hear all about your romantic Valentine’s Day…. or will they? Whether you eat dinner at that expensive restaurant where you have to be on the guest list to get in or your Valentine buys you that lavish piece of jewelry, don’t rub it in people’s faces. Be classy. Its ok to talk about your night and what you two did and gave each other, but keep the excitement and the conservation between you and your Valentine.

5. No glove, No Love

Yes, I am going there…. Be smart. Things are bound to get hot and steamy but at the same time you don’t want to be left with a bundle of joy nine months from today. If I don’t convince, just watch an episode of  Teen Mom before you go out.

6. No crying

Do not shed one tear today. If you do, you’re letting all the flower and candy companies win. Don’t let the commercialization get to you, its just one day of unnecessary hoopla. Stay positive because no matter what you are loved by someone; which leads me to my final rule.

7. Don’t forget the important people in your life!

This is the most important one of them all. Whether or not you have a Valentine who will shower you with gifts, don’t forget about the people who matter the most on this day. Friends and Family. Take some time out of your day to show them some love and appreciation. Let’s make Valentine’s Day a day of love, and not just romance, but also to recognize the important people in your life.

Have a wonderful day and keep your head held high!

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