Strength in Lessons Learned: Maturity

This past week has been such a rollercoaster full of accomplishments and failures, happiness and frustrations, confidence and doubt. Basically, I was pretty drained, hence the lack of postings. However, I can say that out of that one week I have learned a lot about growing up and it has impacted me so much that it would be extremely selfish if I didn’t share it with you.

Many people are dying to grow up and don’t embrace their youth while others crumble at the thought of their next birthday. Either way we need to prepare ourselves for life’s up and downs and one main thing we will need is maturity.

Maturity in all aspects of life, it sounds pretty self-explanatory but our maturity can become clouded when we need it the most. Below are examples of what I learned about maturity in just one week. There are things I am proud about and things I definitely need to work on.

Find the fine line between uncertainty and being cocky

Lately at work my boss has begun to recognize my abilities and has been giving me more and more responsibilities. At first, I was so hesitant to why he wants me to be in charge of a project over people who have been there much longer than I have. I doubted myself and it showed in my work. Mistake number one. Thinking that I completely blew it and he would never have me do anything again, he surprisingly gave me another project. This second chance made my head grow about 3 times its normal size. I found myself in my own head saying “He must realize you’re pretty baller”. Embarrassing and mistake number two. My arrogance took over and as a result there was a miscalculation in my project. I was soon brought down from baller to baffled. Luckily, I was able to fix my mistake before it was too late and was humbled. Maybe I am too hard on myself but my boss still hasn’t given up on me. This week I definitely found that fine line.

xoExo gossip girl

Thankfully throughout this week I had one of my best friends by my side to help keep me sane and we both were able to vent to each other about our rough week. To not divulge her personal life I’ll keep it short to the point of what we learned. Exes are exes for a reason. We are all in our early 20’s and its tough to admit not all of us act like we are. Unfortunately, because of this it takes even more maturity to not let these people influence our lives.  Let’s face it. We are not in high school anymore but some exes still like to play games as though we are. It takes confidence, trust, and sophistication to not let an ex rattle a perfect relationship. Instead of blowing up with jealously and rage in front of her significant other about his very persistent ex, my best was able to communicate with him calmly and learned there was no threat. If that’s not maturity then I don’t know what is. This leads me to my next lesson.

Darling, Do not fear what you don’t really know

The wise words of my favorite singer, Brett Dennen. Now to not lay my personal life all out there I will also just get to my point of maturity. There is a difference between knowing someone’s past to learn who they are and dwelling on their past. Long story short, regardless of who someone was, did, or thought before you were in their life doesn’t mean they are still wrapped up in their own past. Focus on the present and the people you have been blessed with. I’ve learned the importance of not letting my own insecurities distort the true love that I have. The past is the past and dwelling on it can make you loose sight of the beautiful things currently going on around you…

all your troubles they don’t stand a chance
and sometimes it takes more than a lifetime to know
Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know Brett Dennen (Check out the whole song)

I’ve only mention a few things that impacted me to keep some things personal. I have matured and learned a lot from just one week. I hope you can take these experiences into consideration and it helps you in some way.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.- Philippians 4:8

There’s nowhere to go from here but up, keep your head held high.


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