Hello Twenty- Three!

Couldn’t have been better

I want to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday and who were able to come out and celebrate with me this past weekend. I can say I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful friends and family surrounding me.

Just from one year, my life has changed tremendously. I have graduated college, learned a lot about myself, bought a car, found a new job, and loved ones came and went. 

Twenty- one was such a big year, no more hearing the phrase “you’re too young…” but I still felt young. At twenty-two I still felt young but experienced. I now knew the ends and outs of having fun, how to get my way through college, and even found a steady job. Now Twenty-three. I’m not going to lie, I do feel older and somewhat different but I cannot wait to see what twenty- three has in store for me…..maybe I’ll become a poet. I am at a very different place in my life and I am embracing it with open arms.

Recapping the Celebration:

This past weekend I celebrated at a country bar in Anaheim called The Ranch and had a blast. I need to give some of my friends props! Not being country fans and being their first time ever going to a country bar, they stepped out of their comfort zone and let loose for me. That’s true friends right there. The day before I had a nice lunch with my family and their generosity has brought me closer to my laptop and my passion. On Sunday, I also had lunch with the BF’s family who has welcomed me with opened arms and spoiled me rotten. Then on Monday, the actual day of my birthday, I spent the day at the Happiest Place on Earth with my favorite person, hence the face.

I could not have asked for a better Birthday, a better family, better friends, or a better boyfriend. You all have spoiled me with love and kindness and I am excited to see what life has to offer all of us while I am 23.

Keep your head held high.

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