Work Out Wednesday: Let’s Get Rowing

Whoohoo! The first Work Out Wednesday. We all need some type of motivation to get up and start somewhere. For some people this might be a target weight, inches or pounds lost, for others it’s feeling a certain way or fitting into a piece of clothing. Either way it’s an achievement. For me, my goal is to feel good and confident for certain events, so I set countdowns:

Days until Stagecoach: 37

Days until Hawaii: 101

Whatever your motivation may be my first rule is: do it for you and only you.

The Rowing Machine

If you have a gym pass take advantage of this machine! I don’t know why, but I never thought of using it until recently. Maybe subconsciously I was afraid of it, but now I love it.

It is a cardio and toning workout in one and the nice thing about it is that you can adjust the speed and intensity to your own pace.

First off: Stretch!

Start off slow for about the first 3 minutes to warm up your body.  Then, increase your speed and resistance. Shape Magazine suggests slowly increasing your speed up to 7 RPE for the first 9 minutes and taking a 1 minute break in-between to stretch or incorporate some lunges. Then continue for another 10 minutes.

To add some variety, I like to alternate my grip of the handle on each row. When gripping it overhand, I pull the handle up to my chest. On the next row while gripping it underhanded, I pull the handle down towards my belly button. This changes things up from just pulling back and forth and you’ll feel the burn.

Depending on your body weight, you can burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes at a moderate pace. Not bad!

Give it a try. Remember to listen to your body, do this for no one else but yourself, and keep your head held high.

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