Workout Wednesday: Show Some Leg

It’s almost time to break out the dresses and shorts! What is better than rocking cute, summer outfits while having confidence in showing off your legs? I spoke with my closest friends and fitness buffs to compile a list of exercises to target your legs. Ready to get sore, get sweaty, and get nice legs?

Before any workout you need to stretch. Yes, I will say this every single Wednesday. The legs are one of the largest part of the body and as a result they take longer to recover from intense workouts. Stretching is a must especially for protecting these muscles.

With that said, Stretch for 5 minutes.

Leg Sculpting Cardio

  • Stair Master: Try it for 15 minutes doing 60 stairs a minute. Warning: You will sweat. Try not to hunch over with your arms resting on the railings. That’s cheating! To avoid this, engage your ab muscles. 
  • The Rowing Machine: Aha does this look familiar? Just in case it doesn’t check it out here.
  • Box Jumps: Get your heart rate up! Stand in front of a secured box or high platform. Jump onto the box or platform and then jump immediately back down. Try doing 3 sets of 20- 25 reps per set. To make it harder: use a higher platform and increase the amount of reps you do in each set.
  • Wall Sits & 5 Yard Sprints: Lean your back up against a wall with your legs shoulder width apart. Squat down so that your knees are at 90 degrees and above your ankles. Keeping your back flat and arms out in front of you, hold for 60 seconds. Immediately after sprint 5 yards. Repeat 3 times.

Building Leg Physique

  • Pistol Squats: Prepare for the burn! Stand with your feet hip-width apart with your hands in fists by your chest. Keep your elbows in. Lift one leg off the ground in front of you with your foot flexed. Squat, bending your supporting leg 90 degrees while keeping your other leg hip- level in front of you. Do 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps. Then switch sides.
  • Single Leg Dead Lifts: Stand with your legs hip-width apart. Hold dumbbells or a barbell (try starting with 10lbs or less), palms facing your thighs.  Place your left toe behind you and lift it off the floor, keep your right knee soft, don’t lock your leg. Keeping your shoulders back, abs in, and back flat, bend from your hips lowering the weights toward the floor. Then come back up to the starting position with your left toe still off the floor. Do 3 set of 15- 20 reps then switch sides.
  • Calf Rises: Find your inner ballerina! Using a stair or raise platform, stand on the balls of your feet with your heels hanging over the edge. Place your hands on your hips. Turn your toes inward. Lift your heels high and then lower them a little bit below the level of the stair. Do 3 sets of 15-20 reps. Next! Do the same amount of sets and reps but now with your toes turned out at 45 degrees.  Wait! You’re not done yet! Repeat the same amount of sets and reps but with your toes forward and standing on one leg, bending the other leg behind you. Switch legs and repeat.

Always remember to cool down after your workout to loosen up your muscles and bring your heart rate down. You can cool down on a bike for 10 minutes or by walking and stretching.

I hope these workouts will benefit you as well as I hope they will benefit myself. We are one step closer to showing off our nice legs.

Don’t give up, listen to your body, and keep your head held high.

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