Easter Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend and a happy Easter!

I know I have been M.I.A. and neglecting this little ol’ blog but life has been pretty hectic lately and I am trying to get back on track. Thankfully, I had one of the best weekends in a really long time. It was extremely eventful but I was able to spend it with almost all of my loved ones. It was much needed. Here’s a little recap of my Easter weekend.

Friday. Watching the clock and counting down the minutes I could book it from work, I thought 4 o’clock would never come. Once it did I had never felt so free in my life! That night we went out to celebrate one of my best friend’s 23rd birthday at one of our favorite spots in Fullerton. I was so happy to see all my girls, I had truly missed them. A night out with them was long overdue and they keep me smiling. Cue the “awe’s”

psst. Tomorrow is her birthday so give Kelsey a little shout out and birthday wish!

Saturday. After waking up to an excited puppy laying half her body across my neck (I call it a puppy hug), and a giggling boyfriend, we were off to a day of being rugged. For The BF’s sister’s birthday we went up to Burrow Canyon in Azusa where we shot off some shotguns and handguns. Don’t try ask me the type or caliber because thats like speaking a different language to me. All of us girls kicked butt! Mainly the birthday girl who was anti-guns before Saturday and then became Annie Oakley. We have decided to hang up our high heels for shooting some skeet!

Check me out shooting the handgun. The video quality is really bad hence why I need to update to new technology. Donations are welcomed.

After a long day in the sun, a bruised shoulder and smelling of gun shot residue, or GSR if you own a Shooter’s Bible the 103rd Edition (The BF), we vegged out and watched Almost Famous. It was a good day.

Sunday. I woke up to a beautiful day. My mom and I went to an outdoor service at church which was amazing. Being outdoors while listening to the music and the message really put me in the “Easter Spirit” but my favorite part was that there was a artist who was painting as the service was going on. On two huge canvases the artist painted the words “He is Risen” across and as the service went on he covered the words with his masterpiece. Pretty inspiring.

Then I had a little visit from the Buff Easter Bunny.

 A weekend of drinking + pounds of Easter candy= pimples! Blahhh

We spent the rest of the day with family. First, we went to my Aunt and Uncle house where we, of course, ate and gushed over all the little ones. All the cousins then stood together in the sun while our cheeks and mouths began to go numb in front of five different cameras with my mom and aunts yelling “look over here”, “Let me take one with this camera”. They had to capture the moment since it was the first time in a long time that all of us older cousins where at the same family event at the same time. Thats means you, Brother.

The BF

After all of that commotion The BF and I went to his family gathering, where everyone took turns cracking jokes on each other, coined a new term for “working out”, watched the kids run around covered in black marker where they gave themselves mustaches and then turned into zombies, and of course ate some more.

Overall it was a crazy, fun and yet relaxing weekend. I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did, now lets face our week head on. One day is already done and over with, just four more to go! There’s nothing that can bring us down this week so let’s keep our heads held high.

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