Lessons Learned: Focus on Happiness

I know, I know. I have been lagging on my posts but I am back in action people. As promised in my Spring Resolutions post, click it if you missed it, here is another lessons learned.

A couple weeks ago I was pretty down in the dumps. I found myself moping through life when I should have been enjoying it. Not to mention I was pretty crabby. No, no it wasn’t hormones, but I definitely wasn’t my happy self. I was snappy, lethargic, and not very fun to be around.

I finally asked myself, What the heck is wrong with you? and I figured it out. I lost track of taking care of myself and wasn’t putting me as a priority. I was so caught up in work, stress, and negative attitudes that it consumed who I was. I have realized that time for myself is greatly needed, and I will doing everyone else a favor who had to deal with my cranky shenanigans.

Now, I am not saying I am going to stomp on other people and be inconsiderate in order to put myself first. But there are things that I found I need to keep me happy and even sane. Four magical things: Exercise,I bet you saw that one coming, surrounding my self with positive things, doing stuff I love, and girl- time.

*Surprise, surprise I am talking about exercise. I noticed that when I am not being physically active my mood plummets down hill. I become lazy and irritable. So, as a result I am trying to stay focused and motivated, hence the Workout Wednesdays. Its amazing how breaking a little sweat can easily alter your mood. Knowing that instead of sitting there pouting or grinding your teeth with anger, you workout your frustrations and do something positive for yourself. The hardest part for me is just sucking it up and doing it. To over come this, I try to muster up any bit of positivity I have in me.

*Misery loves company. It’s true. If you’re in a bad mood or bumming it DO NOT listen to depressing music. It is your worst enemy that wants to take you down to the depths of despair. Dramatic I know. When I listen to happy music, I find myself getting lost in the beautiful lyrics. And Voila! Instant happiness. This goes for movies too people. Surround yourself with positivity and happiness, which leads to me to my next point.

*Do something you love. No matter what it is or who it is with, find something that makes you happy. I used to love going to concerts, or even better shows at small venues, even better supporting musicians you know. A few weeks ago, I went to support a group of guys I used to work with called The Shakedown at the House of Blues in Hollywood. Being surrounded by the live music and dancing allowed me to escape from life. Nothing mattered at that moment but the music. Plus, their music is really awesome and could put anyone in a good mood so check them out. Also, focus on the little thing. The simple things that make me happy are walking the puppies with The BF, reciting stupid movie quotes, blogging, a little retail therapy, sleep, and being in the company of friends and loved ones, just to name a few.

*Girl Time. There have studies done that show when girls interact with their girlfriends it is beneficial to their health. Think I’m a liar? Check it out here. Yes, you might butt heads and get on each other’s nerves every once in a while, but interactions with friends can actually help you live longer. These past couple weekends I have been able to have girls’ nights out and I feel as though I have become a statistic for those health studies. A happier camper.

Taking all these aspects into consideration and applying them to life has really put me back on track to being my happy self again. It’s hard to not let yourself become wrapped up in life and forget to do things just for you.

Stay focused on your own happiness and keep your head held high.


A little shout out:

Happy 23rd birthday to the beautiful Kelsey Brennan! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Let’s embrace this age because I have a feeling it is going to bring good things!

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