A Trip to the Vet

I hope everyone is having a great week. I apologize for the lack of Workout Wednesday, but we need to take little breaks every once in a while and yesterday was spent with my family celebrating the life of a loved one.

After paying our condolences, we took the little one to get her first set of puppy shots. Yeah, we were a little late on taking her. Don’t judge us. Not going to lie, I was really nervous seeing the vet stick my puppy with needles. Actually I was dreading it. After sitting in the waiting room for-ev-er with a restless pup making her tiny chimpanzee noises that were clearly saying “Come’on guys. I’m bored,” they brought us in an exam room where we waited even longer. Thank God for the free dental chews to keep her occupied.

The nurse finally came in to take little Dakota Lynn in the back and weigh her. My heart began to race as I waited for the door to open and see a tray full of needles and Dakota not knowing what she was in for. But the door never opened. We waited and waited. And my mind began to race. What if she yelps really loud? What if we have to hold her down? What if she cries? What if I cry?.. and then I thought…. Get over yourself, she’s just a puppy. She’ll be fine. She’ll get over it in a few minutes. Right?

But they never brought our puppy back. We could hear her from the back room crying that little whimper that she cries. The one we could recognize from miles away. We had brought big brother Smokey along with us, you know for moral support, and he kept giving us those eyes as if he was saying, “Um, hello? Don’t you guys hear her? Do something.” I couldn’t believe I was being judged by a dog. Then her cries stopped. Where’s our puppy?

Finally the door opened, and in trotted little Dakota so happy with the vet behind her. “She’s all done”. What? You mean I didn’t have to witness it and she is happy? I felt pretty ridiculous.

We paid. Got her in the car and took her home. She slept all the way home, until she smelt our decision to clog our arteries at McDonalds. Dakota took her shots like a champ so we laid around the rest of the day and watched a movie. The little one even experienced her first McNugget.


It’s safe to say that if the day ever comes when I need to take my child in for their first shots, I’m going to be an emotional wreck. Cheers to being lame.

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