My To Do List: Prepping for Stagecoach

Its Tuesday!

You know what that means?

Only 10 more days until Stagecoach! I am so excited for the much needed vacation full of good music, camping, cowboy boots, and being surrounded by great friends. 

But there are a few things that need to be done before I can leave for weekend I’ve been waiting for all year.

The List:

1. Pack. The most difficult thing for me. I always over pack and then I’m never satisfied with what a brought once I have arrived.

2. Work on incorporating “y’all” into my vocabulary, and sound good doing it. No not really.

3. Clean and do Laundry. Yes, mom this one is for you.

4. Shine my cowboy boots. Even though the shine won’t last more the 5 minutes in the dusty camp ground. It’s the thought that counts.

5. Magically become tan.

6. Mentally prepare myself and my liver for what is in store.

7. Prepare the tummy since it will be the first time seeing sunlight since like August. EEK! This reminded me of that creepy commerical with the singing belly buttons. Don’t know what I am talking about check it out here for a good laugh.

8. Find good, cute sandals. Any suggestions?

9. Fill empty waterbottles with dragons blood. Paco, you know what’s up! haha.

10. Make sure all electronics are fully charged so that I will be able to capture all the great memories.

Did I miss anything??


For all of you who went to Coachella this past weekend, I hope you had the time of your life. And for those going this weekend I know you will all have a blast. Don’t let the fact that everyone now knows about Tupac’s surprise hologram appearence bring you down.

Here are a few of my favorites from Saturday’s lineup.

Radiohead- Here

The Shins – Here

Feist- Here

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals- Here

I just unintentionally picked the most mellow line-up ever. Keep your head held high.

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