Misty Monday, Wishing it was still the Weekend

It’s misty. It’s gloomy. It’s Monday. It’s a bummer.

For me, and I’m sure many of you can agree, the weekend went by way to fast. There is so much I did, yet so much I didn’t do that I now need to squeeze into my week. But I wouldn’t take anything back, I had great weekend with my family.

My weekend recap. I’m pretty proud of this mini-slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Saturday we went out to Hermosa Beach to visit my brother’s new place. Unfortunately, it was a tad overcast but it was still nice getting away and enjoying the ocean breeze. We BBQ’ed, had a few drinks, Stagecoach was brought up of course, watched the UFC, and we were surrounded by friends and loved ones. The BF was even dubbed the grill master. I guess it was a pretty big deal. I definitely know where I am spending my summer. Brent and Ashley don’t get sick of me!

Then on Sunday, I was able to spend the day with my extended family. All the girl cousins went out to lunch for my cousin Danielle’s birthday. It was a blast catching up with all of them. After that, the BF and I took the pups on a little hike in honor of Earth Day. For being her first hike Dakota absolutely loved being outdoors and romping around. But the little one was pretty pooped once we got back home.

Minus the mound of laundry and lack of focus on getting ready for the week and the up coming weekend, whoohoo, I had a great weekend which definitely could have lasted a little longer.

Have a great week everyone; don’t catch a case of the Mondays.

And in honor of the last weekend of Coachella 2012, here are some of my favorites from Sunday’s line-up.

I had to…..Dre and SnoopHere

At the Drive In – Here

Beirut- Here  My Fav!

Florence + The Machine- Here

Gotye- Here

Keep your head held high

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