Why I love Country Music…

-Because of Stagecoach which is in 3 days!

-It takes me back to my childhood, that’s all my babysitter listened to. Thanks Tolmasoff family.

– Every song has a story behind it

– The music is created by actual instruments and musicians. It’s not computerized and auto-tuned to cover up a bad singer. Just saying.

 -It puts me in a good mood.

– ‘Cause real men can talk about love, faithfulness, and when they are wrong, not about rollin in G’s and swag. Yeah I’m hating, but it’s my blog! Ha.

– There’s a song for every situation. Love. Heartbreak. Humor. Partying. Family. Patriotism. Faith. Promiscuity. Even shakin’ booty.

– Anyone can dance to it.

– Because, no matter who you are, everyone knows the words to Friends in Low Places.

– It’s not just for white hillbillies. Exhibit A: Darius Rucker. I rest my case.

– Its the best type of music to daydream to

– It reminds me of summertime, camping, the river, and driving around with the windows down.

You get the picture. Why do you like country music? Leave a comment and let me know why.

As you can tell, I am pumped for Stagecoach, so here’s a little taste of Friday’s line-up. Enjoy and keep your head held high.

Jason Aldean- Check it

Sara Evans- Check it

Eli Young Band- Check it

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