Workout Wednesday: Go Yoga

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I have been slacking on the fitness. I was doing good up until Stagecoach and then lost focus. But I am ready to get back on track and stay motivated. Who’s with me?

Here’s my motivation:

Memorial Day: 19 days

Hawaii: 52 days

Bikini Season: It’s already here.

Let’s face it, after a week of being lazy and eating junk food the thought of jumping onto a treadmill is terrifying. I like to ease my way back into my workout, which helps me from causing any injuries and from being discouraged of how my laziness has caused a decline in my athleticism. That is why I chose yoga for this Workout Wednesday.

For all you hardcore macho guys reading this, ha if there is any, or people who think yoga is just a bunch of poses and breathing, hear me out for a second. Yoga can be beneficial because it improves balance, stretches muscle tension, increases flexibility, strengthens your core, and it can be used as low- impact cross training. No joke.

Doing the same workout of cardio and strength training can get boring and cause you to plateau. Yoga can help add some variety to your workout and even help improve your performance in other aspects of exercising. It’s just a matter of finding the type of yoga that suits you. Below are three examples of yoga done for physical exercise. I left out all the ones that focus solely on mediation and spirituality. Your welcome.

Types of yoga:

Hatha Yoga- This form of yoga is what most gyms offer. Hatha yoga incorporates different postures, breathing, and mediation which stretch out and lengthen muscles and alleviates stress. It is one of the more calming forms of yoga which is really easy to learn and can be found at any gym. The standard yoga workout videos found in stores are Hatha yoga. 

Power Yoga- This type of yoga takes Hatha yoga to the next level. It combines stretching, breathing and strength training like most yoga with the intent to make you sweat by incorporating push-ups, lunges, and ab work. The pace of Power yoga is double Hatha yoga, each move flows into the next creating an intense muscle- building aerobic workout. Don’t believe me? I will lend you my P90x power yoga video and you can see for yourself or check out the Core Power Yoga Studio in Huntington Beach. It makes grown, in-shape, men sweat!

Bikram Yoga- This type of yoga is very similar to Hatha yoga but not as fast paced as Power yoga. However, it is the most unusual but beneficial form of yoga. Bikram yoga includes all aspects of fitness from muscular strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility but at 95 to 105 degrees. Check out at Purple Yoga in Fullerton and see if you can stand the heat. Get your sweat on.

So don’t knock it until you try it and put a little variety in your workout routine.


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