softball. karaoke. mother’s day. hockey.

There was never a dull moment this weekend, and I am absolutely exhausted. But I wouldn’t change any moment of it.  Who says weekends are for rest anyways?

Of course, the most important aspect of this weekend was Mother’s Day, and my mom loved her card and gift card so she can go on a shopping spree. She even considered my blog on Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day as a gift to her. She is so easy to please. I couldn’t have asked for a greater woman in my life. I am so blessed to have such an amazing mother, who loves unconditionally, is my best friend, and who I hope to be like once I become a mother.

Aside from Mother’s Day and being able to spend it with family, I was constantly on the go. I went to support the BF at an all-day softball tournament in Ranch Cucamonga. The guys played three exciting games while I roasted in the sun. Despite the team not making it to the finals, the BF did amazing and was commended for his impressive diving play. It has already been reenacted multiple times.

After a long day of softball, making new friends, and getting hit on by a creepy umpire, not so fun, we were off to my cousin Erica’s 30th Birthday Party. It was so nice to catch up and crack up with my cousins.

We started the night off with some red wine..Celebrated birthday girl…and ended dinner with some awesome desserts.

After dinner we headed out to a little dive-bar to sing our hearts out. Although, I am not the karaoking type, I actually begin to sweat at the thought of having to sing in front of people, the BF was champ for going up there and rocking the mic on Ten Round of Jose Cuervo, and Johnny B. Goode. He even got a few couples to get up dance. Yeah he’s the life of the party, and I know I’m pretty lucky. My cousin Liana, knocked everyone out of their seats when she sang Danzig’s Mother and the birthday girl, Erica, was a natural on stage.

Sunday, was a little more relaxed but we were still on the go. I was able to see my grandma, great-grandma and the rest of the family on my dad’s side for lunch. Then we headed to the BF’s cousin’s house to watch the Kings Vs. Coyotes game. While watching the Kings dominate, we cried from laughing while everyone told stories. The rest of the night my mom and I set up my new edition to the family. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s blog to see what it is.

Pass the coffee!

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