I converted.

“Congratulations” is the word the Apple sale rep. said to me as she handed me my new MacBook Pro.

Ahhh! Congratulations indeed!

That’s right everyone, after saving up my birthday money and extra cash from my paychecks, I finally got it. So what if it took three months, I got the lap top I wanted and I am not completely broke. Pretty shocking isn’t it?

Well, I’m still trying to figure everything out on it since I’ve worked with PC’s all my life. But thankfully I gained some knowledge of Mac’s in college, so I won’t end up blowing it up.

My Next Steps: buying Final Cut, I will be broke after that one, work on digital scrapbooking, and hopefully improving my photography and photoshop skills.

Wish me luck guys. I hope this investment can help me improve this little ol’ blog.

P.S. Mac gurus: Any advice for a first time Mac owner?

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