Thank you, you made my day

Today is a big day! This little ol’ blog has officially reached over a thousand views. And I am shocked. While a majority of those views are from family members and people stumbling over this by accident, it still means a lot. Thanks grandma 😉  

I never thought that I would have a voice or that my voice mattered. I honestly didn’t think this blog would have lasted the first month. I have learned, however, that more people read this on a regular basis than I would have ever dreamed of. And for that, I thank you so much:

 Yes, you are pretty awesome! Thank you for making me feel so important and somewhat entertaining. You have made my day.

Have a wonderful day and keep your head held high.

If you ever have suggestions, constructive criticism, want me to write more or less of something, or just want to say hi. Don’t be shy.


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