Workout Wednesday: Abs, Med-Balls, and Workout Buddies

This past weekend I was at the gym trying to recover from my pitiful week at work and lack of exercise, when I am instantly slapped in the face. Figuratively.

There was a guy with a broken leg still working out. As he hobbled from machine to machine on his crutches, I thought WOW. What’s my excuse? I had a rough day, I was stressed, I was tired. Wah Wahh Wahhh.

This guy had a broken leg and all my appendages were still intact. Talk about feeling pathetic. Now I am not saying you need to go extremely hard every single workout, because you do have those days where you just aren’t feeling it.

A wise man once told me, give 100 percent of what you have in you for that day. If you only have 50 percent of yourself to give to your workout, push yourself the whole 50 percent. As long as you do something, it’s better than nothing.

Here’s a little workout routine that the wise man and I do which feels more like a game than a workout.

What you need:  a 15 pound medicine ball, a partner, and a wall.

**Within these exercises focus on your abs.


  • Stand a few feet apart facing each other. One person holds the medicine ball over their head with both hands and legs shoulder width apart.
  • Step into a lunge bending at the waist. Keeping your arms straight and head down slam the ball as hard as possible into the ground. Engage your core while you slam the ball into the ground.
  • The other person catches the ball and does the same thing. Take turns and alternate legs when you lunge. Try 15 on each leg.

Twist- throws:

  • Stand a few feet apart, facing each other. The starting person: stands with their feet shoulder width apart and legs slightly bent. Hold the medicine ball with both hands in front of you.
  • Bend to a squat and bring the ball to your right side. Using the power from your core throw the ball by engaging your abs.
  • Take turns and alternate twisting from the right side to the left side. Try doing 15 on each side.

Rapid Twists:

  • For this exercise you don’t need a partner, just a wall. Stand a few inches from a sturdy wall with your legs a part and slightly bent.
  • Similar to the exercise above twist to the right side and release the ball using the power generated from your core muscles. Immediately twist to the right and catch the ball as it bounces off the wall.
  • Once you find the rhythm of throwing and catching the ball off the wall repeat the exercise rapidly by keeping all the energy in your core.
  • Do 25 reps then switch to the left side.

Partner Crunches:

  • Partner one lies on their back with feet flat on the floor and knees bent. Partner two stands a few inches from their partner’s feet with the medicine ball in hand.
  • Partner two lightly tosses the ball to partner one’s right side.
  • Partner one catches to ball and simultaneously crunches to their right side then tosses the ball back to partner two.
  • Alternate sides doing 20 crunches on each side, then switch positions

It’s always easier having a workout partner who can push and encourage you at the same time. Have fun with it. Keep your head held high.

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