Day Two in Napa: Feeling Like a Princess

Our first full day in Napa was so much fun. We woke up and drove to our first vineyard for our first ever wine tasting. The BF had scheduled for us to go on a horse-drawn carriage through three different vineyards. Yeah, he’s a romantic.

The first stop was at Alexander Valley Vineyard. We began our tasting out of the wine barrels. Being fairly new to wine and discovering what I like, Alexander Valley had an amazing rosé. And this was the first bottle I bought. Ladies, we are having a girls night just for this wine!

We were then picked up by our horses and carriage from Alexander Valley.

Our first stop was at Soda Rock Winery. Our bartender or hostess (not sure what to call her so I’ll just stick to her name: Grace.) Grace knew her stuff! As she poured each wine she not only described how it was made but would also describe a full course meal to go along with that specific wine. She was also pretty hilarious. We went back at the end of the day just to sip more wine with her.

I cannot wait open this bottle. I discovered that my favorite red wine are Cab. Francs. Ooo la la!

Our next stop through the vineyards was to a winery called Hanna. Although I am not too fond of white wine, here I found a Sauvignon Blanc that I liked. Surprisingly!

After our wine tasting at Hanna’s, we sat down for a gourmet lunch full of various meats, cheeses, fruits, and bread. I was even able to fed our noble steeds, Cheyenne and Cody. They were massive.

Once lunch was over, we departed back to Alexander Valley. The carriage ride through the vineyards was beautiful, from racing through the grape vines, hearing the history of the vineyards, and learning small ways to alter the tastes of wine. The BF gained mad points!

Even though our tour through the vineyards was over, didn’t mean we were done wine tasting. We headed back to Soda Rock to see our good friend Grace. Then, we went to another winery on the way back to the hotel called White Oak. I came back with the best wine filled truffles from that place. Yes, you read correctly. Wine. Filled. Truffles. Filled with Syrah to be exact. My mom and I already opened a box, and yes I bought more than one box. 

Eight hours and five wine tastings later we were pooped. After making a few stops along the way, to In-n-Out, we finally made it back to the hotel to recover from our day. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience that day with the one makes everything so much fun.

Check back tomorrow to see how we spent the 4th of July and we were “forever immortalized in the eyes of the non-ascending public.”


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