Day Three: Independence Day in Napa

Even though this is a week late, I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July. Our’s was very eventful, not to mention it was also our one anniversary! The BF had yet another excursion planned for us. For our one year, he took me on a hot air balloon. I told you he was a romantic.

We had to meet at the Sonoma Airport which was about an hour away at 5:30 am. Yeah, crazy early! So we were up way before the sun rose, but it was well worth it. See the tired eyes?

The crew put us to work right away, and we helped inflate our colorful aircraft.

Our trusty pilot doing his thing…And then it was lift off!

I can’t put into words how incredibly peaceful it was soaring over the vineyards. The fun fact about hot air balloons is that many people who have an extreme fear of heights don’t experience their phobia in a hot air balloon. The fear of falling or of being too high comes from when you are on a stationary structure that is secured to the ground. When you’re floating in something like a hot air balloon the fear is subsided. This is all according to our pilot, but The BF proved this theory to be correct.  Even though he is not afraid of anything, of course. 

Once at a thousand feet, our pilot dropped a watermelon off the balloon and into an empty field. We watched as the watermelon splattered into a dust cloud but did not hear the thud until a few seconds later. Little teaser: Comment if you want to see the video. 

After soaring for an hour and a half we landed safely back on the ground.

Our flight was followed by a nice breakfast served by the crew, where we received our honorary certificates which dubbed us as being “forever immortalized in the eyes of the non-ascending public.” The rest of the day we spent relaxing and soaking up the sun. After taking a nap we went and got some bad ass coffee, literally:

After a day at the pool we went to probably one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever been to, called The Royal Oak. We must have stuck out amongst the old crowd because the chef spotted us, came to our table and introduced himself personally (He even gave us some complimentary dishes). We watched to see if he did this at each table but some how he knew we were there for a special occasion. The food was so amazing that the only evidence we had been of dirty dishes.

We did not plan to watch any fireworks but I guess it was meant to be. On the way back to the hotel we pulled over to the side of the road and watched a firework show from the most perfect view. We had a great 4th of July and an incredible one year anniversary. I am one lucky girl to be loved by such an amazing guy.

Fourth and final day tomorrow!


  1. LOVE your blog Jenna, SO Happy for you, He is a Keeper!!! The start of so many wonderful experiences to share with the one you LOVE!!! QUE VIDA!!!

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