Last Day in Napa: I hate Goodbyes

Our last and final full day in Napa was yet again, incredible. I could honestly say we saved the best for last. Our friend’s parents had told us that there was one winery that we needed to go to on our trip. They said it was so breathtaking that we needed to save it for last or it would have ruined all other wineries. So, that is what we did. We took our time waking up that morning and headed out to Castello Di Amorosa, The Castle of Love. Ooooo fancy!

The castle is a modern-day Italian medieval piece of architecture. Sounds contradictory doesn’t it? The base of the castle was built as any modern-day building, with steel, beams, and all that stuff. However the exterior of the castle, every rock and roof shingles were imported from Italy’s medieval fair houses, churches, castles and monasteries, making the Castello Di Amorosa as realistic as possible.

Not only was the castle’s stone walls imported from Italy, so was some of the iron light fixtures and hinges. For the things they could not import from Italy, it was made and structured how it would have been back in those days. Even a 360 degree mural was painted the same way ancient artists painted in medieval time. They say that the colors in the painting will eventually fade.

The tour that we went on truly showed that the castle was built with so much detail that it took you back in time to kings, queens, and knights. What castle would be complete with a dungeon and armory room?

He’s going to get me for posting this one. haha

Now onto the wine! The wine is even produced the same as Italian wines but with  the benefits of California’s climate. The reason why this winery was suggested to be done last is because it was one of the best wineries of the trip. The only bummer is that they don’t distribute their wine, only on-site and online.

Castello Di Amorosa was such an amazing experience with some of the best wine I have ever had. I would suggest that if you ever have the chance to visit Napa Valley, Castello Di Amorosa is a must. But I will give you this same advice I received. Do this last.

After spending more than half the day at the castle we were off to another castle, Chateau Montelena.

This winery is known as putting Napa Valley wineries on the map by winning the 1976 Paris Tasting with their 1973 Chardonnay. The movie Bottle Shock anyone?

The last and final winery of the trip was at St. Clement. It was such a small ordinary winery, but one of my favorites. We even got to meet the wine maker herself. A young simple girl whom became my palate soul mate. Ever single wine I tried, I loved. I guess simple is sometimes best.

As our final day began to end, we finished the night off at an Italian restaurant and packed for our long drive home the next day. This was by far to most fun and relaxing vacation I have had in a long time. From a carriage ride through the vineyards to a hot air balloon ride. Seven wineries later, we came home with nine bottles of wine and an appreciation of art of wine making.

I would have not changed anything about last weeks vacation. I have been completely spoiled, enlightened and replenished in one week. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit Northern California’s wine country and that you have enjoyed reading this week’s posts as much as I enjoyed reminiscing about my trip.

Thanks for reading, I hope you all are having a great week. Keep your head held high, tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Love this and looks like you had a fantastic time! I would love to visit wineries someday…I love wine but sadly don’t know much about it or what wines go best with what kinds of food. Thanks for sharing all the amazing pictures!


  2. I don’t know much about wine either but visiting all these wineries taught me so much! If you ever have the opportunity I would say go for it!! Thanks for following. I am not much a photographer, so I am excited these came out as well as they did!

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