Baptisms, Candy Bars, and Mechanical Bulls

This past Saturday the trio was reunited. And it was long overdue. I had missed these girls and our schenanigans.

The day was spent celebrating the baptism of Erika’s baby cousin Maliah. It was such a beautiful ceremony and an honor to watch my friend’s joy in becoming a God-Mother. Aubree and I bought Maliah the cutest summer dress, and bathing suit and a card in Spanish for Erika that we were only able to translate half of. Erika brought to our attention that the English tranlsation is located on the back of the card. Call it stupidity, call it what you will. Aubree and I call it learning something new everyday! Either way our card made Erika cry. Success!

After the baptism, we headed over to Erika’s aunt’s house for a celebration. The party was a blast and the two white girls (me and Aubree) were welcomed with open arms into the family. I felt right at home thanks to my mom’s side of the family. Believe it or not I am half Mexican. There was music playing, amazing food, dancing, drinking, a jumper, and a candy bar! Yes a Candy Bar! Aubree and I stocked up on the goods!


There was also a mechanical bull. We never got on it because our attire restricted us being remotely classy and ride a mechanical bull at the same time. But it was pretty awesome. The next day once everyone left the God-Mother ended up getting on the bull. And I was sent this lovely photo with the caption: I got on!

Saturday was a much-needed day to catch up with my girls. I had missed them tremendously, and it is awesome to know that no matter how much time passes before we see or talk to each other once we are together it’s like we talk everyday. I love you two, EJA.

Keep your head held high!

One comment

  1. Riding a mechanical bull may or may not be on my bucket list…I don’t know what it is but I’ve always wanted to do it hahah! And that candy bar sounds amazing right now!


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