Summer Nights: they aren’t over yet!

Love is amazing, but friendship is perfect

On my way home the other night I saw the perfect scene that resembled the end of summer.

Two teen girls sat at a bus stop, their blonde hair bleached and waved from the ocean salt. Their skin perfectly bronzed and their faces were drained from a day in the sun. Beside them laid a neon green boogie board and sandy backpacks overflowing with their used beach towels.

One girl stared in anticipation for their transportation home,while the other girl situated herself so that she could lay her head on the lap of her companion. As the sun set, the young beach babes awaited their refuge away from a day of fun, heat and the blazing sun.

This scene beautifully illustrated the end of a summer’s day. I would have taken a picture but I didn’t want to be a creeper.

It made me realize that summer is officially coming to its end. And I had to ask myself, have I made the most of this summer?

I went on a lovely vacation to Napa, went crazy in Vegas twice, tube floated down the river, frolicked at the beach, and not to mention all the days I spent melting in the sun and longed to escape out of the heat.

Looking back on it now I am pretty satisfied with my summer of 2012. There are a few things that I wish I would have done, like gone to a summer concert, spent more time at the beach, spent more time with friends, and loaded up my credit card with all the cute summer clothes.

But before we start to get the end-of-summer-blues, according to astronomy the last day of summer is officially Friday, September 21. That means we still have 30 more days to squeeze in those last summer events.

So before many of us drag back to school or back to reality after a summer vacation, what are you trying to do before the end of summer 2012?

One comment

  1. Trying to soak up a few more beach vacations – I live in FL so it shouldn’t be too hard 🙂 I’m pretty satisfied with summer too this year, I did so many things in so little time!


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