A year ago, today

A year ago, I was still employed at what I used to call “The Dreaded Costco” and in search for a new job. I was exploring my new life as a college grad and a new car and boy. But exactly one year ago today, I was docking the ports of Long Beach after my first cruise.


Not only was it my first cruise ever, but it was my first vacation with the BF. What was supposed to be a trip with a group of friends turned out to be a solo trip with a fairly new boyfriend.

I was so nervous because it was a make it or break it experience. Could we be compatible together? Well, being stuck on a ship with someone for 5 days was an easy way to find that out. And as you can see, it was a make it situation.

A little cruise recap. 


Our first stop was to Catalina Island where we spent the day walking around and just talking and learning about each other.

The nightlife on the ship was a blast as well. We let loose, went to a karaoke bar, ate lavish dinners, went to comedy shows, want danced the night away.

Our next stop on the ship was to Ensenada, Mexico. We visited La Bufadora and went horse back riding on the beach. Yup, a romantic from the beginning.

But then there was yet another first. The first time I got food poisoning in front of a boy, other than my dad and brother. Yeah, yeah, I know not to drink the water in Mexico but I made a rookie mistake by ordering a margarita and not realizing I can get sick from the ice. Low and behold, there I was the last night on the ship sick as a dog. Trust me it is really hard to be attractive while all that gourmet food is not staying in your body.

So there I was, exactly one year ago today, getting carried off a cruise ship. Talk about compatibility. That cruise helped establish my relationship and made me grow to love him just in those few days. All the memories, inside jokes, and lessons learned (Be careful with Ice) were worth the butterflies of that first trip.

Where were you exactly one year from today?

Keep your head held high.


  1. How much fun! Except the food poisoning part 😦 My boyfriend and I are going on our first cruice in October so this post made me just a little more excited 🙂 Anyway, this post was fun to read. Sometimes it’s great to reflect on those times when life felt so different, even though it wasn’t long ago! I especially love remembering back to my first memories with my boyfriend and new job…it’s crazy how much can change in just a year!


    1. How exciting, you’ll absolutely have a blast on the cruise. It is such an amazing experience. It’s crazy how much time flies and how different things change in such a small amount of time. I cannot wait to hear about your cruise experience! Don’t get food poisoning!!

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