Back to school…

With heavy eyes I looked at the clock and jolted out of bed. I must have slept through my alarm or forgot to set it all together. Waking up stressed as can be. It’s the first day of class and I am late.

Flustered, I get dressed and ready. Speeding to class and running through campus with the fear of getting dropped from class. The one class I fought for during registration and the one class that determines my graduation date.

I burst through the doors, heart pounding, and I am too late. The class is over and the professor is gone. As soon as anxiety takes over me, I wake up.

It was only a dream.  After a year of graduating from college, I still have those dreams, or nightmares, where I am late to class, miss a final or even forget to show up for graduation. A year later that stress still haunts me. And what’s silly, most college students know that you are only dropped from a class if you miss the first two days. Apparently my subconscious forgets how the system works.

I have my Bachelor’s in hand and my mind still plays tricks on me about college.

I guess this dream came with perfect timing as many people are heading back to school for their fall semester. Struggling with the never-ending fight for the right classes, searching for parking spots, bargaining for textbooks, and researching their fates for the fall semester on

So all you college students out there, study hard, always set your alarms, and keep your heads held high. I feel for you.


  1. I was so sad as I was reading this but relieved it was a dream! When I was in high school we had a late arrival day and for some reason I got confused on when the start time was vs when the first bell would actually ring. I ended up being 30 minutes late for class and had to walk into class mid-session…it was so embarrassing! I was always so freaked out on every late arrival day after that one. I think all the stress and fears you mention here follow us through the rest of our lives though, being anxious when running late for the first day of a new job, or missing an important meeting. The same feelings and fears are still there, just in a different scenario. I wish it could be escaped! 😦

    1. Isn’t it the worst feeling! I would also get so embarrassed if I showed up late. My face would turn bright red! haha And like you said, they do follow you the rest of your life. My dad told me that he still has dreams of skateboarding to school and being late for a test and a wheel flies off his board. Years later and he still has those dreams. Thanks for reading 🙂 Hopefully we aren’t late to anyhting in a long time

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