Sept. 11: The day we cannot forget

Firefighters on 9/11

United we stand, Divided we fall
Together we are what we can’t be alone
We came to this country you made it our home. (source)

I can still remember 11 years ago today. I was walking through the halls of my junior high confused about what was going on and not understanding why it was happening. In every classroom the agenda was put aside as we focused on the news. We all knew we were living the day that would forever be a part of our nation’s history.

Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will forever learn about this day in history of bravery and sorrow. But mainly the nation’s bravery.

To all the families who have suffered a loss of a loved one 11 years ago, our hearts go out to you. Your loved one will never be forgotten.

To all the heroes, the firefighters, police, military, pilots, flight attendants and civilians, who showed their courage 11 years ago, and who continue to show their courage today, this day is for you.

I am happy to say I have two of these heroes in my life who risks their lives every day. My cousin who is a helicopter pilot in the USMC. And even though he was not a firefighter at the time of 9/11, my big brother is always a hero to me.

Today let’s focus not on sorrow and the animosity, but on the bravery and unity that was created on this day. Keep your head held high.

One comment

  1. A great reminder. I remember exactly where I was too, and I was so young that I was confused and initially didn’t really realize the severity of what had happened. The world stood still that day, I’ll always remember it.


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