Puppy Update: Barks and Sandy Paws

My last update of Dakota Lynn was when we took her for her first set of shots and I basically freaked out over nothing. Check out the embarrassment here. But I have to say I have gotten better and I’m surprised I took her overnight stay at the vet to get “fixed” as well as I did.

Since then, her personality has developed tremendously. She is definitely Miss Independent but will shower you with love when she feels like it. And you’ll know when she doesn’t feel like it. She gives, what I like to call, puppy hugs. A puppy hug consists of her running up to you and laying her entire floppy body across your neck while you are lying down.

Her newest fascination is with water bottles and we are still trying to get through to her that super long sticks/tree branches are outside-toys.

The biggest excitement we got from her happened last week. For the first time ever, we finally heard the little one bark. We were beginning to think she was a little special because the only noise she would make were little squeaks that sounded like a chimpanzee. The Vet told us that since she lives with other very talkative dogs, she may just be letting them do all the talking or barking for her. But she proved us wrong. Dakota had finally joined in the bark-fest with the other dogs and we were lucky enough to hear the little one’s voice. To our surprise she has a rather deep bark, even deeper than her brother Smokey. She had this look on her face as if she was shocked that sound was coming out of her. Then ran up to us for praise as if she was saying, “Hey, did you hear what I did?”

Her biggest adventure occurred a few weeks. It was Dakota’s first trip to the beach. We were a little wary on whether she would like the sound crashing waves since she not fond of loud noises and she becomes rather shy in the presence of other dogs.

But, once again she proved us wrong. She jumped around on the soft sand and charged into the water and waves.  At one point she got a little daring and experienced her first wipe-out. She was even open to greeting new dogs if they were at her eye level. It helped tremendously that her brother Smokey is a social butterfly and knows how to strut his stuff on the beach.

Running up and down the beach and dog paddling through the water, Dakota is definitely a beach girl. Overall, her first beach day was a success.

That’s one happy puppy!


  1. She is ADORABLE! I can’t wait to have a dog and take him/her to the beach with us. The dog we are looking at has a leg injury and will have to have a small surgery in about 4-6 months so I know if we get that dog I will be a mess when that time rolls around! Thanks for sharing this story and pictures, now I have a little glimpse of what I’m getting myself into 🙂


  2. Thank you! Aww but I’m sure if you get that dog, after their surgery they will be so happy to see you. That’s the best part, when they learn who you are and the happiness they get when they see you! I’m so bad, I’m like a crazy cat lady but with my dogs hahaha. I’m excited to see how your adoption story turns out!

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