New Week, New Month, and I’m Feeling Good

Lately I’ve been so tired, stressed, and overwhelmed that I have been feeling literally ten years older than I really am. Which is pretty ridiculous at 23-years-old. My weekends and weeknights have consisted of relaxing at home, doing laundry, taking care of the pups, and sleeping. Maybe working out if I’m up for it. It’s safe to say I can’t remember the last time I went out for Thirsty-Thursday or any night of the week like most people my age. Yeah, it’s pretty pathetic.

But this past weekend I broke my lame streak, and I feel amazing. Friday night I went out for a lovely dinner at a pretty fancy steak restaurant with The BF. A little pat on the back for us being able to pay for that type of dinner with our hard-earned money.

Then Saturday was the day I got my groove back. I took my butt to the gym for a much-needed workout and then went shopping which was long overdue. That night we headed out to the Honda Center for the Rise Against concert. I had been dying to see them ever since high school and it was such a blast. Not only did the band do amazing but it was quite entertaining watching all the kids jumping the railings and running for their lives past security and into the mosh pits. Kenny and my brother were itching to stir up some chaos in the mosh pit as well but unfortunately for them it didn’t happen.

After the concert we headed over to my good friend Aubree’s house, where she was having one of her classic house parties. We were surrounded by good friends, old and new, and just had so much fun playing the typical drinking games, laughing, and catching up with everyone.

Although this weekend was nothing out of the ordinary for someone in their early twenties, it was definitely needed for me. It made me feel so carefree and refreshed, even though concerts and staying up until 2:30 am can be rather tiring. It was just what I needed to get me back to being myself.

With all the responsibilities we have during the week, we tend to lose track of the fun times and acting our age. Maybe I’m the only one that does this, but I have a ways to go until I need to act like a 33-year-old, so from now on I’ll stick to acting my age.

It was the perfect weekend to kick off a new week, a new month, and to have a new start. Have a good week everyone. Keep your head held high.

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  1. I am totally the same way – I get into a groove of just being so tired out from the work week that I choose relaxing at home over going out and just being a twenty-something! Glad you got out of the house and had a young and carefree weekend, we all need them sometimes 🙂


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