So long Summer

Even though summer is officially over the last couple weeks did not feel like it, but fall is now slowly creeping in with the foggy windshields in the morning and the sun beginning to set earlier each day. The past few weeks were still extremely hot and humid so I greeted the coming of fall in front of the A/C.

I guess, summer was not ready to bid us adieu and I am not sure I want to say goodbye to summer and all the memories it has brought me this year. But as it finally begins to cool off and feel like Fall it’s time to say so long summer.

1. Vegas

This summer took me to Vegas twice. Once for a wild weekend with friends that involved dancing of course, an amazing Garth Brooks concert, and a proposal. Yes, talk about a busy weekend. The second was a relaxing weekend with family, that turned rowdy. What was I to expect. It’s Vegas. Read it here is you missed it.

2. The River


Another adventure done in two’s was to the river. We floated down the river for the tube float and vegged out on the sandbars soaking up the sun. As always, it didn’t fail to get wild but in the company of good friends. “We are never not doing this again” 

3. Parties and Puppies at the Beach

Thanks to my brother’s new place out in Hermosa Beach, I probably spent the most time at the beach than I have in a long time. Whether it is a family birthday party, Memorial Day, or just me inviting myself over, his investment has been beneficial to more people than just him, haha! BBQing on the rooftop under the sun and stars doesn’t have to stop now that summer in over, hopefully. Plus this summer was the puppy’s first adventure to the beach.  

4. The Highlight of My Summer: Napa Valley


By far the biggest adventure I had this summer. We spent a week in wine country, just relaxing and educating our pallets with different wines. It was an amazing trip, a wonderful 4th of July, and anniversary.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

5.All the Other Shenanigans 

From weddings to the shooting range and Angel games to birthday and baptism celebrations this summer has been full of so many different events. I feel like every weekend there was somewhere to go and something to do. This summer will definitely be hard to top but I am ready for the fall and all the holidays.

Bring on the rain! Keep your head held high.


  1. This is such a great roundup and it sounds like you had a fantastic summer! I loved reading about your trip to Napa Valley and you definitely made me want to go there. I can’t believe you got to go to Vegas twice, too! I have always wanted to go. Summer may be over but you’ll have these great memories forever. 🙂


  2. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post! I couldn’t have asked for a better summer. I highly suggst visiting both Napa and/or Somona Valley and Vegas is always a must! Have a blast on your cruise. I cannot wait to see pictures

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