OktoberFest 2012: Lake Arrowhead

Every year for the past eight years my parents have made it a tradition to drive up to Lake Arrowhead’s Oktoberfest to celebrate my mom’s birthday. The last couple years my brother and I have been crashing their yearly tradition. While last year we were accompanied by my brother and his friends, participated in drinking contests, and nick-named that year Slop-toberfest 2011, this year it was just Kenny, the puppies, and me who ventured up the mountain for a more relaxing celebration.

No puppies were allowed in the festival but we still made it work. Smokey and Dakota brought more of a crowd than the German Band.

For the first time ever, I saw a bald eagle. I’m pretty impressed I got the picture of it too. After a day out at the festival, drinking, and hanging out with my parents we drove around the mountain and headed back to our hotel. We had a nice dinner at the Cowboy Express Steakhouse in Big Bear, while the puppies stayed in the hotel room chewing on their treats from the dog bakery.

The next morning we met back up with my parents at Bill’s Villager Coffee Shop for our traditional breakfast before heading home. We sat in the tiny family owned coffee shopped and heard all the childhood stories of my dad visiting his great-grandparents in Lake Arrowhead and how his great-grandfather would go to the exact same coffee shop.

Although the trip was only over the weekend and we didn’t get as rowdy at Oktoberfest as we did last year, it still felt like a mini vacation.

Have a good Monday everyone. Keep your head held high!


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I loved all the photos and this sounds like such a fun family tradition. That’s awesome that you saw a bald eagle, I’ve only ever seen 2. One time was in a corn field on back country roads with my dad coming back from Lake Erie in Ohio, and the second time was this past June when John and I saw one during our hot air balloon ride.

  2. That’s so cool, I bet both times you saw a bald eagle were beautiful. It was funny, how we saw it. We were driving along and Kenny says “look at the top of trees, you might see a bald ealge.” and sure enough there it was.

  3. Your pups are so cute! I love when families can get together and have a good time without snide, passive-aggressive comments or full out brawls (there was a fist fight between cousins at one wedding I attended… Classy).

  4. Oh trust me, I’m sure every family has their unclassy moments. But when it comes to just me, my brother and parents its rather mellow and always a good time. Mainly because we are older now my brother and I grew out of the bickering phase. But once the extending family gets involved thats a whole different story! haha

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