Veterans Day 2012

In honor of Veterans Day yesterday, my mom and I gathered up some old pictures  of my grandpa. He joined the Navy at the age of 18 and was part of the USS Prairie after the Korean War. Below is the front and back of a postcard my grandpa wrote to his parents from Capetown in 1957.
Hello Mom & Dad
Just these few times to say hi. Oh here’s the mountains we went up on Sunday, it was really nice from up there. To bad we couldn’t get any films to take pictures. Say hi to Linda and everybody for me. We leave here tomorrow, it’ll take us ten days to get to Rio. I’ll drop you another line from there. Well until I see you in April. Goodbye and God bless you. 
After serving his country, my grandpa started a family and lived his life as an amazing man. I remember him always being happy and laughing. He was the strength that held my family together. In honor of him and all the amazing men and women who served our country in the past and present, thank you for keeping us safe and risking your lives for our freedom.
Who is your beloved Veteran?

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