Enjoying Life: Eric Church and Hopscotch

It finally feels like Fall and this past weekend has been an absolute blast. Even though November started off chaotic with work and responsibilities this weekend definitely made up for it. I am working hard to play hard.

Thursday night I headed out to one amazing concert. That’s right on a Thursday night and I still made it to work the next day. I was pretty impressed with myself. And those who know me, know I would never pass up a good concert.  My good friend Nicole from college and a couple of her girlfriends slipped on our cowboy boots to sing and dance the night away at the Eric Church concert.

The concert started off with everyone singing their hearts out to some great songs like Kip Moore’s “Something ‘Bout a Truck” and Justin Moore’s “Till My Last Day”. Once Eric Church hit the stage the crowd went wild with all his hits and special effects. Before each song started we would yell out “Play Creepin'”, so once he did, I had to record it. Please excuse the quality, the short length of the video, and our obnoxious yelling in the beginning.

Although the next day at work was a little rough from being up late that night, it was a much needed girl night and an amazing concert.

The next night Kenny and I were invited to a friend’s private party to promote his new bar opening in Downtown Fullerton called Hopsotch. The bar had a dim lighted, rustic feel,  targeting whiskey, bourbon and beer drinkers, which sets it aside from all the surrounding bars. Historic quotes lined the walls regarding drinking and living life. Hopscotch is definitely my type a place, more mellow than most places in Downtown Fullerton and far from the club scene. Being surrounded by good friends, great music, and being a part of a friend’s accomplishment, is just what we needed to wind down from our busy week. Hopscotch opens to the public this weekend.

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up on sleep and relaxing from my adventurous nights out. Lately I had been feeling boring and ten years older than I was. Working full-time had started to drag me down to feel as though worked consumed my life. I am glad I am breaking this streak and remembering the importance of enjoying life.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Don’t let the responsibilities of this week bring you down. Keep your head held high.

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