The Feeling of Freedom

(Photo Source)

This picture is seriously how I feel right now. A weight has been lifted. Any second I feel as though my feet may leave the ground and I will hover into the air as if there is nothing holding me down.

Why the dramatic narrative? Because it is official. I am no longer in credit card debt.

After all those college textbooks, grad fees, parking permits, and summer school classes that little shiny, grey citicard is now at a balance of ZERO! You know, because of course I was responsible and only charged the important things… ok… ok.. I’m not going to lie. Part of Napa, some concert tickets, and very necessarily additions to my wardrobe were charged on there as well, but that’s not the point.

The point is I can now save up for bigger and better things. It’s nice knowing all the waking up Monday thru Friday at 5:30 am and dragging myself to work while envying everyone who is still sound asleep has been worth it.

There’s now one less bill to pay and the hard work has proven that it is paying off. Literally. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I can truly say I am thankful for my job. Despite the times I felt like wanting to scream, get up and quit, or even felt underestimated or under appreciated, I know I am lucky to have the job that I have. Sometimes it isn’t easy and it;s simply just work, but I know I am blessed to have a steady income and reliable job to help me begin my adulthood.

With that said, have a wonderful Monday everyone. It is a short week and your hard work will eventually pay off in some way. Keep your head held high.


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