Dog Shaming: Pink Paws

If you have never Googled “Dog Shaming”, you need to gather up the family after eating loads of turkey and do it. Trust me, you are missing out on a good laugh.

For those of you who do not know what dog shaming is, it is the act of taking a picture of your pet with a sign or caption exploiting them for their wrongdoing.

And when it comes to my pup Dakota, you guys know me, I’m like a crazy cat lady. So I had to partake in the new internet craze of dog shaming, especially after Smokey and Dakota got a hold of some Halloween costume blood a few weeks ago.

Smokey is notorious for sneaking into “restricted” rooms, trash cans, and purses and chewing on the most random things such as make-up, packs of gum, and wine corks. But ever since Miss Dakota came along its been a team effort. Smokey will supply the goods and Dakota will either wait until Smokey is done chewing up his half of the treasure or she will just take it from him.

As a result of their sneakiness the pups ended up with pink paws, red lips, a red carpet stain, guilty looks on their faces, and being shamed. For more hilarious dog shaming photos check out this site.

Thankfully, the costume blood came out of the carpet with soap and water, and Kenny’s mom wasn’t too upset. But I guess cleaning up their messes is one of the joys of having a pet.

I am thankful for these unexpected moments in life. I could say I am thankful for Smokey and Dakota but that’s a given. Whether those moments challenge your sanity and you don’t know whether to scream or laugh, at the end of it all it is life. Spontaneous, stressful, wonderful life.

Has your pet ever done something worth shaming? What aspect of life are you thankful for?

Keep your head held high. Two more days until Thanksgiving!

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