A Little Update and Puppy Love

It’s Monday, again. But it is going to be a good day. After a week of feeling crummy from that flu I am finally feeling like myself again. A little weak and tired, but at least healthy.

That little bug really set me back, hence a week of not blogging. But I am back in action and a lot has gone on in one week, which I will briefly go over so that I do not bore you.

  • Had a lovely Thanksgiving. Made mini pumpkin pies: recipe to come!
  • Bought the iPhone 5 in white and I am in love; my first ever Black Friday purchase
  • Finally got with the times and joined Instagram: follow me at @jennacwest
  • Watched some movies: The Campaign hilarious; Breaking Dawn Part 2 loved it and not ashamed; The Dark Knight Rises can’t stand Christian Bale’s voice, yeah I’m hating
  • Took on new roles a work, now show me the money!
  • Very slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. Only made a Xmas list, but its a step.

Most importantly, today is the little one’s first birthday. We Googled how old that is in dog years for Basset Hounds and she is technically 16 years old, which examples a lot about her current little personality.


Happy 1st Birthday/ Sweet 16 Dakota


What can I say, I’m an animal lover.

It’s a new week which means a new start. Everyone have a wonderful week, take some Vitamin C, load up on the hand sanitizer and don’t get sick like me.

Keep your head held high.


  1. So the teenage puppy years ARE real after all! Bally is fast approaching her 1 year mark and has been quite mischievous lately. Can’t wait to see the pumpkin pie recipe and I’m following you on instagram too! My username is stephp_

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