Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas weekend

Where did the weekend go? It felt like yesterday I was skipping off to my car at 4:00 to race home to begin my weekend. Two days are just not long enough.

Friday, I went to a lovely women’s Christmas event at church with my momma, Kenny’s mom and his sister. We had some great mother- daughter, girlfriend- boyfriend’s mother bonding time with boutique shopping, picture-taking, Sprinkles cupcake eating, and a touching spiritual message. It finally put me in the Christmas spirit.

After the Christmas event, Erika, Kenny, his sister Beth and I ventured to a small venue in Uptown to see our friends, The Shakedown, rock out. As usual, they were awesome and we couldn’t help from dancing along. Check them out here, $5 you’ll like them. Please excuse the horrible red lighting.


After the show we went to a local dive bar for more dancing and laughs. It was a long overdue night out with my other half Erika. And as expected Kenny and Beth had us cracking up with their movie quoting and spontaneous selves.

The next day we woke up groggy and dehydrated bright and early for a family party with Kenny and Beth’s family. The rest of the day consisted of a much-needed nap and a quiet night in watching the season finale of Sons of Anarchy the only thing I could say was “wow”.
Sunday was mellow as well. I’m slowly finding out that I can’t handle the late nights out as much as I used to and it’s a little depressing. Yeah, it saves me money and from getting a beer gut but I guess that’s what adulthood will do to you. To brighten my spirits from feeling old and boring, I got into the holiday spirit and I bought my first Christmas gift on Sunday! My parents had also gotten our Christmas tree and our house is now full of that familiar holiday

With two gifts marked off and 10 more to go the holiday stress is slowly starting to sink in. I hope everyone had a great weekend and have a great week.

Don’t let the holiday stress get to you. Everyone who has finals this week good luck, and keep your head held high.


  1. I agree with you: two days is NEVER enough time! It seems like every Monday morning I’m wondering where the past two days went. Lovely Christmas tree!

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