Secret Santa: Blogger Style!

Rachel over at Life Unsweetened had the genius idea of coordinating a Blogger Secret Santa. When I saw her post I had to join, also check out her blog for more great ideas and fashion tips.

This was an excellent idea to send someone a small gift from across the country. When I received my package all the way from Kentucky I was so excited. I received the package last week and was trying to hold off opening it until Christmas Day, but I couldn’t resist.

photo_2As I opened the box I literally squealed. Inside was a beautiful hand knitted scarf and the cutest owl necklace. I put them both on right away and admired them in the mirror probably longer than any humble person should.
photo_1 The scarf is such a great color that will go with anything and I have been wearing it nonstop.
photo_3Within the card, my Secret Santa stated that her friend makes these scarves and she is in the process of learning how to make these as well. Girl, let me know when you do start making more because I want to buy some.

Thank you so much Secret Santa. You are beyond generous and I will be wearing my scarf and necklace all winter long. Rachel, thank you for putting on this great opportunity.

And Erin, I am so glad you like your Spanish cook book and coffee. I hope they come in handy for you.

Well, only a few more things more to do for tonight, including racing home from work. Happy Holidays everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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