Hello 2013!

glitter2013[1]Happy New Year Everyone!

Please excuse my mini blog vacation as I got back into the swing of things of going back to work and back to reality.

Although it’s been 2013 for eight days already I figured I’ll still post my resolutions for this year. Mainly to keep myself on track. If it’s written I’ll most likely stick with it.

1. Be more organized. Not only is this with the clutter in my room and buying a planner but I mean by also de-cluttering (my made up word) my life and being. While I go through my closet to toss out all the outworn and unwanted clothes, I want to also toss out all the unwanted worries and negativity. I want to be organized in the sense where I can control my stress, manage the needed time for myself, such as fitness, health and beauty needs, and focus on improving myself as a person…or to take it to another level, as an adult. I want to organize my life to focus on the things that matter and make me happy. A happy organized girl’s beauty shines from the inside-out!

2. Cook More Meals. So far I’ve been pretty good in this department but I want to make this more of a priority. A year from now I am hope to be moving out into my own house and I don’t want to survive only on Mac n cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I need variety and to feel domesticated. For those of you follow me know that I enjoy being active and healthy. But would you agree running three miles and then going to Taco Bell is rather counterproductive? Although Taco Bell is my weakness. Before the New Year, the boyfriend and I began to cook more often and we have already seen a difference in how we feel. I want to keep this up, cook more often, and experiment with different ingredients and tastes. Hopefully, this means more successfully recipe posts.

3. Keep Up 2012’s Resolutions. Last year, for the first time ever, I was successful in keeping my two New Year’s Resolutions for the whole year and I hope to carry these over throughout 2013. The two resolution successes were to workout more and to be more positive (This is where the name of this blog came from). I found that these were the best resolutions I’ve made this far in my life and they make me feel good physically and spiritually. They aren’t easy to do those days when I just want to complain and lay around and eat ice cream but they are two things worth working for. Just because 2012 is over does not mean I want to let these two factors go. So fitness and positivity, welcome to 2013.

2012 was an absolutely amazing year. I was blessed with so many adventures, opportunities, the start of this blog, and loved ones. Like every year it has its ups and downs, but I think 2012 will be a year I will always remember. I feel like I have grown so much as a person in this one year and I am proud of the person I am slowly becoming. I know I will still do a lot of growing in 2013 but I cannot wait to see what this New Year has in store.

Let us all have a great year.  Keep your heads held high.

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