The Newest Edition to the Family: Meet Jake

I apologize for lagging on my blog posts but trust me I have a legitimate reason. This reason has also made my New Years Resolution to be organized a little challenging as well but I’m working on it. Here’s my reason.

Meet the newest edition to my family, Jake.


My brother gave my parents this little bundle of joy as a late Christmas gift which started off a little rocky.

Ever since we put our dog, Shasta, down almost 10 years ago, my parents have been very anti-dogs. Mainly because she was such a huge part of the family that I believe my dad is still mourning her. Even when Kenny and I brought Dakota home and we pitched our plan to have Dakota stay at his house half of the week and our house the other half, that did not fly!

So when my genius brother told me he was on his way over with a puppy for my parents, I began stressing. I knew it was going to end up a disappointment because they have been saying “No” to getting a new dog for so many years now. It was rough at first because my parents continued their routine of saying “No”, wouldn’t even hold him, and said it was unfair to me because they denied Dakota staying our place. But Kenny and I let my parents know that this situation is different because Dakota was our dog and Jake is their dog and they shouldn’t worry, plus I wanted a little brother. After holding Jake my parents gave in and decided to keep him. And the rest is history.


My mom treats him as though he’s a new-born baby and my dad is completely in love with Jake even though he tries to hide it sometimes. Despite waking up to puppy cries in the middle of the night and training the little guy, I already see a change in my parents now that Jake is around. They stress less. The topic of conversation when they get home is not work or hardships they may be going through, instead it’s about Jake and his progress. My parents have always had a very strong relationship but I see the happiness growing even stronger now that we have Jake.

I’ve been a little preoccupied helping them out their new puppy. Plus my parents and Jake absolutely love when cousins Dakota and Smokey come over to play.

So am I forgiven for my lack of postings? Who could resist this face?
jake4Make it a great week everyone, keep your head held high.

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