Sports Bra Tans and Line Dancing…

Monday, MondayYou know those weekends that seem absolutely perfect? It’s not necessarily what you do or don’t do, but whatever it is you simply do not want it to end. That was my weekend.

And plus, it felt like summer. Driving with the windows down, wind in my hair, sunshine in my face, and country tunes playing in my ears. I cannot wait for summer to finally be here.

I think it was the rough last two weeks I had at work that made me appreciate these two, glorious, too-short days.

Although I failed to do any type of St. Patty’s Day celebration, shocker, it was still a blast. Saturday consisted of my birthday celebration at my grandma’s house and line dancing with the girls at The Ranch.

Sunday we went on a long hike, took a nap, walked the pups, and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Simple but such a great weekend.

I hope everyone else had a great, safe, and very green weekend. Let’s make this a good week. Bring it on Monday!

Keep your head held high.

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