Workout Wednesday: With Mother Nature

It’s Wednesday and we are finally half way through the week. The weather lately has been bea-u-ti-ful, but then again it’s California so we are pretty much spoiled. So why not enjoy the sunshine by working out with good old mother nature.

Lately, Kenny and I have been on a hiking frenzy. We seem to not be getting enough of the sweet outdoors. So I am going do this Workout Wednesday a little differently. Instead of providing an actual routine, how about some tips instead? Because you know what they say, hiking is good for the mind, body, and booty….and by they I mean me.


And isn’t it rewarding to see this after pushing yourself instead of a sweaty old guy at the gym?


Hiking Tips 101:

1. Don’t go alone: Pretty self-explanatory especially if you are going somewhere that you have never been before. Just use common sense and always go with someone, please. It can be used as a social outing too but be sure to always grab your workout buddy.

2. Know the area and trail: Most nature trails have maps at the beginning of the trail that tell you the distance, plant life and animal life. Don’t be worried about looking like a snooty tourist. Make sure you read these signs to know what you are getting yourself into. You may not realize a trail is 3 miles long one way. So reading and preparing yourself for your own pace is a must for prepping for a hike.

3. Stay hydrated: A person who spends hours at the gym cranking out a strenuous workout may only need one bottle of water, but when taking your workout outside doubling your water intake is extremely necessary. Even if the hike is not as long or intense as a workout at the gym, still consider that you will be in the sun which can be more draining than an extra mile on a treadmill in an air-conditioned room. You could never pack too much water and maybe even keep an extra bottle in your car for after your hike.

4. Know your plants: Unless you are an extreme outdoorsman or woman who can hang with Bear Grylls, be sure to always stay on the designated path. Venturing off the trails can put you in the same situation as the two CSUF students who were lost and luckily found 4 days after they had gone off trail. Plus you can run into very undesirable plants like poison oak. Kenny and his friends brushed though this plant and he never wishes this rash on anyone. It was pretty bad. Stay away from poison oak:

5. Ways to challenge yourself: If you need to make a hike or walk more challenging, hold two water bottles in your hands and pump your arms up and down as you walk. Yeah, you’ll look like an old lady doing aerobics but you will tone your arms at the same time. Also, using phone apps such as Lorna Jane can help you track your pace and distance. Try upping the pace each hike or even running the last quarter-mile of the hike.

I hope these tips are helpful for your next outdoor excursion. Remember to listen to your body and keep your head held high.

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