M is for Mondays, migraines, and being moody

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: Migraine: All of the side effects of a hangover without any of the fun of getting drunk.

Sunday night I was actually not dreading Monday. I had a great weekend and was ready to conquer a new week, until a migraine greeted by with

“Good Morning Jenna, I am here to ruin your day. Here is what I have planned.You will need to sleep most of the day away. You had enough sunshine this weekend so any beam of light will be unnecessary so your head will begin to spin. Any sound that doesn’t consist of your own breathing will shatter your ear drums and make you clench your jaw. Oh and let’s forget about any type of movement to feel somewhat productive today, any sudden movements and its nausea time.”

Final score for Monday:
Me: 0

Keeping my pounding head figuratively held high.

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