Sticking to the Pact We Made Last Summer…

river copy

About a year ago, the four of us crawled to the middle of a large blowup float, stacked our hands together in the middle of the River and promised “We are never not doing this again.

And this past weekend we kept the pact going strong.

I know I totally lied about posting about my vacation I recently took to Arizona but I had a legitimate reason: I was busy getting ready to go back to Arizona. But this time it was to lay on a raft and float down the Colorado River with some good company for Parker’s Annual Tube Float. The event lived up to last years expectations with nothing but good times soaking up the sun, good music, and knowing that summer has finally arrived.


Yesterday was a struggle getting back to the swing of things after this weekend. Two days at the river is just not enough. Now we are going to hear the boy’s endless plans to buy a boat and river house of their own.

Have a good week everyone and keep your head held high.

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