Road Trip to Peoria Arizona

As promised, here is day one and day two of Kenny’s and my trip to Peoria Arizona last month. This was such a nice little getaway for the two us to escape reality.

We left on a Tuesday afternoon for a 5 and a half hour drive to our destination. It would have been less than that since Kenny thinks he is Dale Earnhardt but I have the bladder of a five-year old who always wants to stop for ice cream. But when you are traveling with your best friend, the drive doesn’t seem too bad. Especially, when you are cracking up at road names in the middle of nowhere and listening to good music.

By the time we reached Peoria our view was a breathtaking sunset.


Once we were checked in and all settled we headed to the moon…


…well not exactly. The hotel had this pretty cool star gazing event with some enormous telescopes. This picture is the actual view of the moon from one of the telescopes. We were also able to see Saturn, Jupiter, a star that had exploded, and a galaxy.  For someone who hasn’t seen a shooting star before I was in awe of the star gazing event. Nerd Alert!

The next day was our day to just lay around at the pool without a care in the world. It was a vacation so we did absolutely nothing. Our hotel, Cibola Vista Resort and Spa, was an array of elegant villas with a pretty impressive pool.



In a place like Cibola Vista who could blame us for spending our whole first day like this…


…and like that:



I am pretty impressed with myself on this action shot. Even though the first few days of the trip consisted of stars and relaxation it was just what we needed to get the vacation started. Stayed tuned for the recap of Day Three. I promise there will be more to it than just soaking up some rays by the pool.

Happy Hump Day! Keep your head held high.

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