Day 4: I’m going out with my boots on

Our last full day in Peoria was our favorite day of the entire trip. We got up early and put on our cowboy boots. The concierge at our resort referred us to Canyon Creek Ranch for  the best horseback riding experience I’ve ever had. My last one was pretty sketchy. It was on the beaches of Mexico on a horse that was foaming at the mouth and would randomly just start running and biting other horses.   SKETCHY!

We drove through a little town that resembled a little bit of the Hills Have Eyes but relaxed once we arrived on the ranch and were greeted by our cowboy/tour guide Rusty.



The ranch had over 100 horses most of them who were raised by our tour guide Rusty. They even had the original cow, Norman, from the movie City Slickers who is huge.



This was my noble steed Chewy. Who was a delight compared to the psycho horse in Mexico, thank god,  but they ironically both like to bite other horses. I guess that’s why they named him Chewy.


Once we got all saddled up and ready on our horses, Rusty took us on a beautiful scenic ride through the desert.




Check out this stud. Killer boots man.

Throughout the ride, Rusty taught us about the history of the land and the Native American tribes that settled there as well as the plants and survival skills in the desert. Kenny and I are now officially cacti experts. Rusty made us feel right at home on the horses. He grew up on a farm in California and then moved to Catalina Island where he did horse dawn carriage rides. Some of his horses from Catalina are now at the Canyon Creek Ranch.






The trail then led us to a little ghost town where each little building had so much detail you would think it was still a functioning town. The gun shop was stock with old fashions guns and knives, the chapel had wooden benches and flowers and people still come here to get married.






The jail still had inmates locked up too.


image-18Once I bailed Kenny out of the pen, we had an amazing home-cooked meal and some beers with the cowboys in Rusty’s Saloon.



The girl’s bathroom even had some fine cowboy art. Haha


After we ate,  Rusty tested our cowboy skills at tossing horseshoes, throwing hatchets, shooting pistols, and roping cows. I found my hidden talent was throwing hatchets. Who would have thought?



image-25Kenny did this twice.

We even got to challenge each other to a quick dram competition, we stood with bullet proof glass between us and shot blanks at each other. Talk about couples therapy. The ranch even does company parties and they told us how many people relieve their stress by quick drawing with their boss behind the glass.




After all the cowboy games, we got on our horses and headed back to the ranch while the sun set. This day was probably our favorite out of our entire vacation. We challenged ourselves with different skills and enjoyed the beauties of the desert.



Once we returned to our hotel we went out to a nice Italian restaurant and enjoyed the pool for the remainder of the night. I never knew how beautiful the desert could be and this vacation made me truly appreciate Arizona. I hope you all enjoyed hearing out our vacation.

Have a great week and keep your head held high.

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