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Its another beauitful day!

Finally Saying Hello 2014…. a month late

2014: My New Year’s ResolutionsBetter late than never right?! I wasn’t going to do any new years resolutions this year pretty much because its been so busy to even think about resolutions. But then I saw Lauren Conrad’s resolution chart and I couldn’t resist.

Despite January being pretty much over this is worth a shot.

A bad habit I’m going to break: Peeling off chipped nail polish.

A destination I’d like to visit: I decided to be very realistic with this one. With the wedding coming up and new jobs I don’t think I’ll get a chance to go on a lavish vacation. But a weekend getaway is definitely doable. I would like to visit Cambria this year. It’s a small beach city north of San Luis Obispo that we used to visit often when I was little.

I’m going to work harder at: Making more time for myself. Chores, downtime, pampering, blogging etc.

A project I’d like to finish: My event planning course. Yeah, I bought a course to take to expand my resume right before I got my new job, and I have yet to start it. Yes, I am the queen of procrastinating.

A class I’d like to take: a mixed martial arts class to kick some booty.

I’d like to spend more time doing: having dinner with girlfriends. Weekly Pizookies!

A food I want to eat more of: Fish

I want to wear more: Accessories: Jewelry, scarves, hat pieces, hats….

Even though 2014 has had a really hectic start, I feel that it’s never too late to set goals for yourself to embrace a new you. I know 2014 will bring great things, but my main resolution for this year is to enjoy it. Time seems to fly so quickly when we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of working for 5 days and then trying to cram in 2 days of play.

2013 was such an amazing year with so many great things, but it seemed to have gone by way too fast. In 2014 let’s take a deep breath and enjoy the good, the bad, the tiring, the exciting, the boring, and the unexpected events that in store this year.

Keep your head held high and enjoy 2014


I know I haven’t been around for a while. 2014 started with a very hectic bang! The first week consisted of long days getting ready for a tradeshow, my spare time was shopping for warm clothes, and the second week was working in New York.

The joys/stresses of my new job allow me to travel for trade shows which have their ups and downs as, it gives me a break from the office and lets me explore a little bit, but there is also the constant standing for long hours and the stresses of traveling. I got lucky this business trip as I was accompanied by my mom.



Not going to lie she spoiled me a bit. We went and saw the musical The Fantasticks at this tiny intimate venue, which if anyone gets a chance to see it do it! It’s a twist on  Romeo and Juliet and its pretty hilarious. Other than that we did a bunch of sight seeing and squeezed in Rockefeller center the last night which was my mom’s favorite.


It was nice being somewhere that actually has seasons. Now I am sweating in this California 80 degree weather.


My fingers are crossed that 2014 mellows out a little bit, because I need some time to plan a wedding.

Keep warm NYC, keep cool CA and keep your head held high.

Workout Wednesday: Recipe for a Good Playlist

To be brutally honest, I haven’t posted a Workout Wednesday in a long time because my life has greatly lacked working out. A side from my weekly Piyo class, my workouts have been very routine and not very frequent.

I really hope this changes, not only for my own health and wellbeing, but for your interests as well. I haven’t given up, I promise.

This Workout Wednesday will not be a workout but a playlist. Yeah, yeah, call it a copout, call it what you want, but without a good playlist a good workout routine could be boring and unmotivating.

Sometimes I find my mind tired and stressed which actually causes me to not have the willpower to push through the workout I need after a long day. From my own experience, I found that a good playlist is key to stay focused.

For girls the best playlist is pretty much anything you can dance to, but honestly it all depends on the mood. Sometimes I’d rather punch someone than dance and twirl. So a good playlist needs variety. Here’s some of my favorites:

Mix some in the dance tunes.
A pinch of girl power, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce will do.
A splash of some mellow tunes for stretching and a change in pace.
One old jam that brings back memories and makes you laugh during your workout. “All I Do is Win”
A large dose of your inner rock star.
A small dash of rap that makes you believe you are thug for one song.
Sprinkle some hipster tunes that getting you singing and staying positive.
Lastly, one very ripe live jam session to get you over your peak.

Altogether you have the recipe of a good workout playlist.
Keep your head held high.

A bad case of puppy love

Yesterday I had a bad case of the Monday blues. After a long weekend of being with family and just enjoying each other’s company coming back to work seemed like a nightmare. Not the best mood to be in at the start of a new week and a new month.

Could you blame me though? This was my weekend, the sunsetting while my brother and Kenny surfed in Hermosa. That’s California in November/December for you.

But today is another day, and still a fresh new start. Plus today my chubby puppy, Dakota, turns 2. For those who have been following my blog and know me personally, know I am a sucker for animals. And yes my dogs are my children. I’m one of those. Like a crazy cat lady.

So even though this is a short post and I am a day off, its never too late to start fresh and positively.

Happy Birthday to this adorable creature. And Saturday happy birthday to my handsome boy, Smokey. I love my pups!

Keep your head held high and your pets extremely loved.



See this beautiful picture above. Minus the random people standing at the altar.  It may not look like much but once seeing it in person it is breathtaking. Well in 2015, I will meet my best friend under that alter!

Kenny and I officially booked the venue that we fell in love with. The date is set, contract signed, and the bank account is diminishing.

So many family and friends keep asking us how the wedding planning has been going, and we were bummed because we felt a little restricted from doing anything without having our wedding venue or our wedding date booked. But the wait is now over.

We are getting married at the winery we fell in love with and on the date we wanted.

Let the wedding planning begin!

Here’s to patience, fate, and a huge sigh of relief. Now its time for EVERYTHING else.

Keep your head held high and wine glasses full.