The Joy of Good Summer Tunes: Anuhea

My brother and I have similar preferences when it comes to music. Once we find an artist we like, we outplay the crap out of them, we introduce them to everyone we know, and our competitiveness takes over and we make sure we take credit for the discovery of the artist. It’s just the hipster in us. We can’t help it.

Well, I have to swallow my pride and give him all the credit for this one, because I am now obsessed with this woman. Sunday we went to a concert on the beach and listened to this girl rock it.

Ladies and Gents, Anuhea:

Enjoy some new tunes and keep your head held high.

So Love the One You Hold….

And I’ll be your gold
To have and to hold
A lover of the light

-Mumford and Sons


This past weekend I attended probably the most amazing concert I have been to so far. Mumford and Sons are such talented musicians and that talent shines through their performance. I highly recommend anyone to go see them if they have the chance.

There was not a dull moment in the band’s set list and every concert goer was on their feet singing, dancing, and clapping along to their music. Even if you may not be a fan of their radio hits, just watching each musician jump from one instrument to the next and perfecting it was mind blowing.

The entire festival was an absolute blast.



There was a variety of  different food trucks posted up. Our favorite by far were the tacos and burritos  with an Asian twist from the Kogi truck.

The opening bands did not disappoint either. The first band was the Mystery Jets from London who started off with a psychedelic pop sound. The next band was Eels who came out in hilarious matching track suits but still rocked the stage with their own unique genre.  Followed by Michael Kiwanuka and his British soul that took us back in time with his classic sound.


And of course, having great company always makes any festival or event that much better.

What was your favorite musical experience?

Keep your head held high.

Songs of the Week: Mom’s Jams

From what I can remember from my earliest childhood memories was always my mom singing and dancing around the house. Since Mother’s Day is just a few days away I made a playlist of some of the songs my mom would play when I was growing up.

From driving around in the old Volvo listening to Trisha Yearwood’s  cassette tape. Yes, a cassette tape. Or dancing around in the living room to Carole King, the Jackson 5 and other Motown artists. To being a baby and being sung songs by Elton John and that one song “Good Morning Starshine” to go fall to sleep. My brother and I still  look back and tease my mom by asking her what the heck she was saying “Gliddy Glip Gloopy… what the heck was that mom?” For the longest time I thought my mom made that song up.

So here’s to you mom, thank you for all the great childhood memories and old school jams.

Song of the Week: BB Guns and Dirt Bikes

Would you consider me a true fan if Friday makes this the 5th time I’ve seen this band? Maybe a tad obsessed? I wouldn’t go as far a groupie. But either way I am not ashamed because seeing the White Buffalo in concert never gets old.

So since I am totally looking forward to seeing him on Friday the song of the week goes to The White Buffalo’s BB Guns and Dirt Bikes.

Keep your head held high.