I’m Back!

Yes, I am still alive, for those who are wondering, if any.

I apologize for vanishing, I have just been so busy with the new job and life that it took me forever to figure out some time to myself and to find the desire of wanting to be in front of a computer screen on my free time.

I think  am getting into to the swing of things at my new job. I’m sure many have been there, adapting to new responsibilities, new authority figures, coworkers, and completely new tasks. Although it is still a challenge and probably will continue to be,  it is so rewarding knowing that my degree is being put to use. Your welcome mom and dad. 

Since I have been gone for so long here is what I have been doing since my last post:

– Failed at buying myself a Coconoes lap top cover, but Christmas is coming!

-I have been focusing on wedding planning, which will probably lead to a lot more wedding posts and my indecisiveness, bare with me.

– Completely changed my wardrobe from college campus to business professional. I think my feet are finally getting used to being in heels for 9 hour days.

-This time change sucks.

– I am counting down the hours until thanksgiving, christmas, the company holiday cruise, and even the weekend.

-Last weekend I joined my best friend and her family on a Walk to End Epilepsy which was one of the most fulfilling things I have been a part of in a while. It was such an amazing experience with amazing people. Team Lily!

– I have made a promise to myself to set time aside to do the things I love. Even if just for 30 minutes a day. I find when I am in my own little bubble of happiness, it makes the other things in life a little more enjoyable and bare able. So I am crossing my fingers from this vowed promise that it will lead to more blog posts.

Check back tomorrow, I have some exciting wedding news to share!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, I haven’t said this in a while but, Keep your head held high.

Currently Lusting: Cocones

I think I have a problem, I have been a little Etsy obsessed lately. And it doesn’t help getting the little reminder emails that say, “Hey Jenna, look at all this cool stuff that you don’t really need, but it would be awesome if you had it.” You get it.

Two weeks ago I got one of those enticing emails and there was a feature on a couple from Dublin, Ireland who produce accessories for laptops, cell phones, and tablets made of leather and wool. Their Etsy shop is called Cocones. All the products are handmade,  from the leather buckle to the outer shell and are built to last.  Since I’ve gotten that alluring email I find myself coming back to this item almost everyday. So I decided I may need to splurge on myself a little. Well deserved for  starting a new job, don’t you agree?

MacBook Pro 15" Retina Sleeve/Smokey Grey Felt & Natural Leather

To splurge or not to splurge?

I hope you all had a fun, relaxing weekend. Keep your head held high.

Two weeks notice


It is almost surreal  saying this, but two weeks from now I will be starting a new position, at a new location, with new people, new responsibilities, new job description, new expectations, new pay, a new life style. I am extremely excited but also scared. I know the change in the end will be for the best, but adjusting will be the challenge. Giving my two weeks notice at my current job feels a little bitter-sweet. I have met so many great people who I will miss but I am so proud of myself for opening this new chapter in my life.

Let the chaos and adaptation begin.

Happy Monday and keep your head held high.

The Joy of Good Summer Tunes: Anuhea

My brother and I have similar preferences when it comes to music. Once we find an artist we like, we outplay the crap out of them, we introduce them to everyone we know, and our competitiveness takes over and we make sure we take credit for the discovery of the artist. It’s just the hipster in us. We can’t help it.

Well, I have to swallow my pride and give him all the credit for this one, because I am now obsessed with this woman. Sunday we went to a concert on the beach and listened to this girl rock it.

Ladies and Gents, Anuhea:

Enjoy some new tunes and keep your head held high.

Busy is the new Happy

I've got something going every weekend from now until the end of September. Camping, trips, weddings and more. #letsgo

Please excuse my almost 2 month-long hiatus from blogging. It seems that my life has been nonstop since the big night of June 21st. There has been so much more added to my plate and to think about in these up coming years and I am just basking in happiness and stress. I can not express how blessed I am to begin this journey with the love of my life, and all the family and friends who are enjoying this time with us.

Here is a little recap of what we have been doing:

  • Looking for a place to live: Kenny and I have really gotten serious about finding our own home, but it’s been a little rough so far. First we were thinking of moving 30 to 45 minutes away from friends and family so we can get a little more bang for our buck. Plus we weren’t finding ANYTHING worth while near home. So after spending our weekends driving further and further away from home with our realtor and not finding a big enough bang for our buck, we realized it wouldn’t be worth it leaving friends and family, plus adding on an hour to our compute to work. No, thank you! We started finding places closer to home but they are still a little pricey. We continue to go back and forth on whether to rent or buy, whether to be living in a tiny house crammed or starving ourselves over a livable home …. so the search continues.
  •  Envisioning our wedding: I slightly panicked when I had dinner with girlfriends and they jokingly asked if I already had my wedding details planned out on a Wedding board on Pinterest. “Uh? Am I supposed to have a wedding board on Pinterest?” I had no idea of what I wanted regarding colors, location, flowers, cake, music, food, “pinteresty” hipster things that are totally unnecessary but then again very necessary to have a wedding at this day in age! As silly as it sounds, I have got that covered and my wedding board is stacked. And I actually have ideas of how I want our wedding. More on that later.
  • Saving Money.
  • Looking to advance our careers: Applications, interviews, exams, etc. Hire me! Trying to make myself more marketable seems like another job in itself.
  • Celebrated 2 out of the 3 most important men in my life:  Last weekend we celebrated my Dad’s birthday just the way he wanted by relaxing at home. This past weekend we celebrated my brother’s 30th birthday with a surprise birthday bash and then concerts on the beach the day after.
  • Enjoying the wedding season: By attending an elegant bridal shower and an insane bachelorette party in Vegas for  a beautiful bride to be. I am still trying to catch up on sleep from that trip.
  • Looking at Wedding Venues: it’s never too early. We have a  location and even a date in mind….May 2015.

So cut me some slack for not blogging sooner people. I hope to get some time out of all the craziness to continue to blog regularly. Despite the excitement and stress, there is one thing I have not said in a while which is long over due:

Keep your head held high.