Happy 24th Birthday to Me


24 years ago I was given life and I cannot explain how blessed that life has been.Twenty-three was the year I will definitely remember. I think I did a lot of growing up and maturing at twenty-three. I truly feel like an adult.

I was going to compose a to do list for the age of 24 but what’s the rush? I have my whole life to complete to do lists.

Goals for Age 24:

  1. Travel More
  2. Upgrade my wardrobe
  3. Move out!
  4. Stress less

So my main goal for 24 is to enjoy life. Life goes by so quickly that I want to simply enjoy it while I can.

So here’s to another year older, another year wiser, and another year with my head held high.

Happy 1st Birthday Blog


I cannot believe Head Held High has been online for exactly one year today. Although I know this blog needs a lot of improving, I am so thankful for everyone who has continued to follow it. So many things have happened in just one year for this little blog. Having gained more readers. Thank you, thank you.  Success of Workout Wednesdays. Improvements in photos. And the growth of a blogger. And I am still learning so much.

Over this past year I have changed tremendously and it is apparent through comparing my older posts to the recent ones. As my personal life has become more demanding with a drastic change of responsibility at work, dedication to my fitness, gotta try to practice what you preach, and focusing on family and friends and puppies, there has been a fluctuation of blog post throughout the year. I want to post more often, more of what my readers will take an interest in and more raw emotion. Yes, the blog is called head held high, but its difficult to consistently be positive, care free, and confident all the time. It’s just not possible. We are only human. I want to post more Lessons Learned and the everyday hardships of being twenty – something, because I have learned that many people may be facing the same thing I am. It’s this weird universal feeling of you are not alone.

Along with posting more consistently and more lessons learned, there are two more things I also want to try which I have been so scared to do. DIY posts and fashion/outfit posts. I am a little DIY challenged but I really want to break this streak of failure. I see the beautiful things other bloggers make and everything on Pinterest, and if they can do so can I. Right? Staying positive. Now for the fashion posts, I just need to focus more on me, specifically my wardrobe. I need more retail therapy in my life and these posts may be what I need to keep up with regular therapy sessions. Not going to lie, I am a little scared to do it but hopefully it is not a complete disaster.

Thanks again to everyone who has ever read my blog, accidentally or intentionally. I leave you with the first entry ever posted on Head Held High “The Beginning“.  Sigh oh how times have changed.

Just remember to keep your head held high.